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Katakakhadiradi Kwath Tablets


It is utilized for diabetes management. It is necessary to relieve complications of diabetes, such as neuropathy. It helps to balance Vata and Kapha. It may help to heal skin complications(kustagna) that usually, diabetic people experience.

Sweet Ease Tablets


This supplement helps maintain healthy blood sugar as it supports the production of insulin & herbal combo helps the body reduces excess Kapha. This formula also supports the immune system & urinary system.

Chandraprabha Vatika


Chandraprabha Vatika augments digestion related problems such as acidity and indigestion. It is known to have Balya (strength), Vrsya (aphrodisiac), and Rasayana (rejuvenation) properties that help increasing strength. It helps to limit the accumulation of toxins and removes them through...