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Immune Strong Tablets


More than ever, immunity matters nowadays, boosting the immune system can be one way to compact against the seasonal virus & Bacteria. This supplement is detoxifying and cleansing nature, which helps the body get rid of toxins, thereby enhancing the...



Health supplements for improving immunity and longevity. It nourishes the weak and degenerating tissues. It is beneficial for alleviating cough and other respiratory ailments.

Tulsi Tablets


This supplement helps to ease stress and improve cognitive functions. Supports the respiratory system & helps maintain the functioning of the lungs, promote easy breathing, and support proper circulation throughout the body.

Immune Strong Liquid Extract


Helps to strengthen and promote the body’s natural defenses against bacteria & virus. These herbs help in boosting the respiratory system and assist in the blood and circulatory system's natural detoxification process.

Guduchi Powder


This herbal powder boosts the immune system, assists the break-up stagnation, and eliminates natural toxins in the body & calms the mind. Promote a healthy nervous system, and supports robust reproduction health.