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Rasanadi Churnam


Rasnadi Churnam is an Ayurvedic product applied to the scalp region to relieve headaches and sinusitis. It balances both Vata and Kapha Dosha. It helps to alleviate headaches, dizziness, cough, sinusitis, and the heaviness of the head. It is useful...

Trim Support Tablets


This supplement helps to support proper metabolism by controlling weight gain and reduces excess Kapha. It also helps to maintain healthy digestion by the elimination of natural toxins.

Shilajit Tablets


Shilajit helps in balancing Kapha dosha. The supplement supports healthy immune response. It is beneficial as it acts as a blood purifier, kidney tonic, and promotes urinary tract functions.

Immune Strong Tablets


More than ever, immunity matters nowadays, boosting the immune system can be one way to compact against the seasonal virus & Bacteria. This supplement is detoxifying and cleansing nature, which helps the body get rid of toxins, thereby enhancing the...

Tulsi Tablets


This supplement helps to ease stress and improve cognitive functions. Supports the respiratory system & helps maintain the functioning of the lungs, promote easy breathing, and support proper circulation throughout the body.

Sweet Ease Tablets


This supplement helps maintain healthy blood sugar as it supports the production of insulin & herbal combo helps the body reduces excess Kapha. This formula also supports the immune system & urinary system.

Samskrit Madhu


Samskrithamadhu (Ayurvedic Honey) Purified honey preserves all the nutrients & features of natural honey. It is fortified with dried ginger & it is useful for maintaining body weight, as a digestive, and as an appetizer. Especially useful for throat and...

Nasya Oil


It helps to promote the cleansing process. Nasya Oil calms and preserves the nasal passage while nourishing the tissues. It assists in loosening tension in the head and relieving accumulated stress. Nasya Oil also enhances the quality of voice, sharpen...

Katakakhadiradi Kwath Tablets


It is utilized for diabetes management. It is necessary to relieve complications of diabetes, such as neuropathy. It helps to balance Vata and Kapha. It may help to heal skin complications(kustagna) that usually, diabetic people experience.

Kanchanar Guggulu Tablets


Kanchanar Guggulu is usually used to support the healthy function of the Thyroid and to cleanse the lymphatic system. It also helps reduce the future collection of Kapha by igniting the digestive fire and promoting the healthy elimination of toxin...

Immune Strong Liquid Extract


Helps to strengthen and promote the body’s natural defenses against bacteria & virus. These herbs help in boosting the respiratory system and assist in the blood and circulatory system's natural detoxification process.



Haridrakhand is an ayurvedic herbal supplement used for skin diseases and allergies. It is highly beneficial in urticaria (chronic hives) and all skin disorders identified by itching and skin rashes. It is also helpful in blisters and fungal infections of...

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