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Shatavaryadi Ghritam


Shatavaryadi ghritam is a polyherbal ghee based formulation traditional medicine for cognition and memory-related problems in children. Herbs in the formulation are memory boosters as well as enhances the brain functions.

Mental Clarity Tablets


Supports the optimal performance of the brain and nervous system. Promote all phases of mental performance, including memory, concentration, and learning capacity—ideal brain booster to all ages.

Migrakot Oil


The herbs in the Migrakot has potent analgesic and vasoprotective action. This oil is used externally to soothe headaches & migraines.

Anu Oil


Anu Tailam is unique formulated ayurvedic oil used to anoint the nasal passage. Daily use of Anu tailam improves cleanout sinus, the quality of voice, mental alertness, and vision.

Bala Arishtam


Bala Arishtam is used to heal ailments derived from a Vata Dosha irregularity such as physical weakness and neuromuscular diseases. This arishtam tones muscles and gives strength to bones. 

Ashwagandha Liquid Extract


It helps the body’s ability to resist stress, enabling the body to reserve and sustain vital energy, promote muscle strength, and support the comfortable joint movement. It also supports female and male vitality by enhancing reproductive organs.

Stress Ease Tablets


Balancing Formula for Coping with Stress & Fatigue* Promotes increased energy levels* Helps the body and mind adapt to the stress of modern life* Bolsters the immune system and stamina* Nourishes and strengthens the muscles* Nearly all health professionals agree...

Healthy Vata Tablets


It is formulated with special herbs to soothe the aggravated Vata. Healthy Vata promotes a calm mind, soothes nervousness and anxiety, and fosters a warm, grounded sense of balance.

Ashwagandha Tablets


It is a nourishing & natural source of energy. It is recognized as one of the best herbs for pacifying aggravated Vata. It supports the proper nurture of the tissues, particularly muscle and bone.