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Eladi Coconut Skin Oil


It's an ayurvedic herbal oil used to remove the external irritants and enhance the skin smoothness as the oil has a property to reduce aggravated Vata & Kapha dosha.

Manjistadi Kwath Tablets


The best supplement which helps to Pacifies Pitta dosha. It helps to control itching, burning, and cracked scaly skin between the toes of athletes. Best Skincare & blood purification formula. It helps to improve the skin's complexion, control painless, rough...

Tiktakam Kwatham


An excellent herbal product which helps in improving immunity within your body. It is also helps in blood detoxification hence useful in skin diseases & digestive systems.

Aragwadhadi Kwatham


This formulation balances the aggravated Kapha dosha and is helpful in conditions like vomiting, diabetes, skin diseases with itching, ringworm infection, allergic dermatitis, & eczema.

Nilibhringadi Coconut Hair Oil


It's an ayurvedic hair oil used to improve the hair's quality, prevent hair loss and premature graying of hair.

Kuntalakanti Oil


Ayurvedic oil with a soothing fragrance that prevents hair loss and premature gray hair. It has a cooling effect that prevents dandruff. It is used externally.

Kunkumadi Oil


This oil is renowned for rejuvenating and renewing the skin cells, illuminating the skin, and bestowing a youthful and healthy appearance. It holds high significance in improving skin complexion, reducing acne, pimples.

Neem Tablets


It helps to purify the liver and cleanse the blood, which maintains healthy skin and a pure complexion. Neem herbal supplement helps whisk away natural toxins that can accumulate in the blood and liver.

Manjista Tablets


An excellent pitta-pacifying herbal supplement which removes excess heat and natural toxins from the body, thereby supporting healthy skin and a clear complexion.

Kaishore Guggulu


Kaishore Guggulu is the traditional Ayurvedic formula for supporting the joints and muscles. It is a powerful detoxifying and rejuvenating combination for supporting the musculoskeletal system related issues.

Healthy Skin Tablets


The healthful herbs in this formula support rejuvenation of the skin cells, promote the skin's natural healing process, enhance moisture retention, and lessen the experience of itching, dry skin.

Healthy Hair Tablets


Enriched with all of the hair vitamins and minerals you need for stronger, healthier hair & longer hair. The supplement has natural herbal ingredients that detoxify the body to promote healthier hair and overall wellness.

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