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Trim Support Tablets


This supplement helps to support proper metabolism by controlling weight gain and reduces excess Kapha. It also helps to maintain healthy digestion by the elimination of natural toxins.

Samskrit Madhu


Samskrithamadhu (Ayurvedic Honey) Purified honey preserves all the nutrients & features of natural honey. It is fortified with dried ginger & it is useful for maintaining body weight, as a digestive, and as an appetizer. Especially useful for throat and...

Yogaraj Guggulu


Yogaraj Guggul is an excellent classical Ayurvedic medicine to support & maintain joint and muscle health. It rejuvenates and tonifies neuro-muscular-skeletal systems.

Musta Powder


Supports a regular, healthy menstrual cycle & lessens the lower abdominal comfort pain during menstruation. It helps regulate both pitta and vata in the lower abdomen by maintaining a comfortable & natural flow. It also helps to eliminate natural toxins....

Haritaki Tablets


This supplement is ideal for digestive support & overall body nourishment. It improves bowel movement, detoxifies the gut, thereby keeping liver and digestion healthy. It also reduces the effects of aging and fights respiratory diseases.